Top five ways to quit your job…

Top five ways to quit your job…

According to the countdown on our homepage, its 29 days until our plane takes off from London Heathrow. And 30 until we land in Kathmandu. Ah man that’s a long flight… I hope they have the Muppets movie on board. And booze.

30 days is about a month, and that’s the standard amount of time for handing in your notice at work… so here I write, with huge excitement, my top 5 ways to quit your job:



  1. Call your boss into his office, sit in his chair, light a cigar, lean back and tell him he’s fired.
  2. Leave a packet of crushed Polos on your desk next to a rolled up five pound note. You won’t even have to quit!
  3. Take your boss’s sister/brother/wife out for dinner/sex/for a dogging session.
  4. Come into work everyday dressed as a cat. When your boss tells you it’s not appropriate say it’s your new religion and he wouldn’t understand anyway. Say you wish you’d never become ‘Cattian’ in the first place due to the racism and prejudice you face everyday in the workplace. Hand in your resignation on principle.
  5. Write a ‘Top 5 ways to quit your job’ blog at work in full view of your boss… Ahem.

What we actually did…

Gemma and I wanted to quit our jobs in elaborate ways, we really did! (I’ve actually quit a previous job using suggestion 2 above before). But ultimately, like so many other slaves to the system, we’ll need decent references one day. So we’ve given our respective employers plenty of notice, a smile and a firm handshake.

We’re so spineless…

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