Vlogging on the go (pro)

Vlogging on the go (pro)

Whilst we’re away I intend to keep a vlog. I also intend on getting Gemma involved, even though she has a short attention span and can’t video edit. She is going to hate me by the end of this flight…

The GoPro HD Hero 2

On the morning of my 26th Birthday Gemma gave me a GoPro HD Hero 2, a high quality, professional (it was used to film the first series of peep show!) and affordable video camera.

So far the GoPro has proved to be the perfect travelling companion (sorry Gemma) for the following reasons:

1. 120fps for super slow motion and 1080p. This basically means the quality is good.
2. The GoPro has a fish eye lense which enables film in super wide angle, ideal for capturing stunning landscapes.
3. As you can see from the picture, it’s teeny tiny and light.
4. The GoPro is designed for filming adrenaline sports, it comes with a headstrap harness and you can buy other harnesses too. I particularly wanted to buy the wrist harness for paragliding but decided against it when I realised I could wrap the headstrap harness round my wrist!
5. The GoPro is practically break proof in its protective casing. This was Gemma’s main reason for purchase, annoyed that I’d broken my last camera.
6. Let’s be honest, it’s an ugly little thing and therefore quite unlikely to get stolen… Fingers crossed.

As an extra burglar barrier, I’ll be keeping my GoPro in an old sock

The editing equipment

I was planning on using my laptop for the editing but the GoPro proved too much for it. The files were too large. This meant I could justify buying a new gadget! I spent a lot of time researching (asking my geek mates about) easy to use, quality editing software. Surprisingly iMovie on iPad seemed to meet my needs best and here’s why:

1. The iPad can handle the GoPro files – a good start. (If you’re not sure whether it’ll be compatable with your camera, you can buy the iPad, try it, and if it doesn’t work you’ve got 14 days to take it back. This also works if you have a long train journey and fancy a massive angry birds session…)
2. It’s lighter than a computer!
3. iMovie doesn’t do everything (I’ll get to that) but it’s simple, effective and can be used easily on the move.

The issues (so far…)

To get the GoPro files (or indeed any external camera footage) onto the iPad you also need to buy an Apple camera connection kit, which doesn’t fit in the iPad port. I had to use Gemma’s nail file to file down the plastic to make it work. Ridiculous.

Before anyone goes out and buys an iPad for iMovie it’s also worth me mentioning what it doesn’t do:

1. It doesn’t separate sound recorded on video from the visual (making cut aways near impossible).
2. It doesn’t allow you add text other than pre programmed ‘apple styled’ text. I’ve got around this by using the Animation HD app and importing it to iMovie.
3. There’s no option for slow motion. Damnit, that was number one on the GoPro list!

This following video is the result of practicing with the equipment before we leave…

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    • Hi Jonathan! I did use it and it was great! I would wholeheartedly recommend using it for filming whilst travelling as its small and really good! But the photos weren’t always up to scratch at nighttime… All the videos I made can be seen on the videos page of this blog! Any other questions and I’ll be happy to answer! X

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