Top five reasons to travel (in my humble opinion)

Top five reasons to travel (in my humble opinion)

I was reading this blog post on and it got me thinking… why do I want to travel? To spend hours and days on sweaty public transport, to live out of a bag in grotty guesthouses with cold showers, holes in the ground for toilets and no proper towels and duvets – why do I do this?

Travelling is expensive, eye-opening, uncomfortable, challenging and SPECTACULAR!



My reasons for packing in the day job (again):

  1. As a teen, I wanted to be a journalist in war-torn regions, I wanted to uncover corruption and tell the world the truth. As an adult I wanted to be there for my family and friends (and Tim, of course ;-p). This is my halfway house – to discover the truth behind the news stories and NGO adverts, all whilst staying safe.
  2. To one day become the best grandmother that ever lived. Kids love adventure stories.
  3. To get over my many phobias (or at least prevent myself from developing more). I’m terrified of needles, spiders, water, vomiting, the dark, putting strange things in my mouth… the list goes on.  At university I developed a (short lived and ridiculous) fear of going outside. Sometimes the best way to deal with irrational fears is to just surrender all control and face them head on. Although I am not going to be holding any spiders, that’s just silly!
  4. To have some fun before I really have to grow up. I’ve never been one for nightclubs (can’t be doing with letchy drunks and the increased possibility of being vomited on) so this, alongside festivals, is my way of letting loose.
  5. To achieve something with my life. Sitting in an office 9-6 feels more like a punishment than an achievement to me. So I’m setting out to actually do something with my life that is true to me and my sense of adventure, and that hopefully helps someone else along the way…

This is not a comprehensive list. You’ve probably got much better reasons yourself (do tell). But these are all mine: five (good?) reasons to hit the road. Just keep your eyes out for the follow up in a year’s time: Top 5 reasons to hold down a steady job.

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