Positive travel in India

Positive travel in India

Travelling in India is well renowned for being, shall we say, challenging. And as the third most dangerous place to travel as a female of the western variety, it can sometimes be difficult seeing the good side.

That’s why I’ve been mentally compiling this list of ‘positives’.

  1. Mostly the food is a worse (probably because it’s cheap) version of UK Indian food, but sometimes it blows your mind. Last night’s sensory treat was desert vegetables or, as I preferred to call it, twig curry. It was much nicer than it sounds, I promise.
  2. Today we said ‘No thank you’ to an autorickshaw driver and they went away. We said the same to some shop keepers but they tried to sell us something else.
  3. We’ve met some interesting people from all over the world – Columbia to France and back again.
  4. We got paint thrown in our faces. Again, it was much nicer than it sounds.
  5. We haven’t been ill… yet.
  6. Once you are on the train, the people are lovely. They promise not to stare. Engage us in conversation. Recommend we go to Shimla… we’re not going there, but everyone seems to want us to.
  7. We stayed in our landlady and friend from London’s family temple and got well and truly pampered. We also learnt a lot about Sikkhism and temple life, including their charity work.
  8. We trekked into the dessert on a camel and camped under the stars. Truly amazing… even if the moon was a little too bright and kept me awake.
  9. The friendly guesthouse owner at Siddhartha guesthouse in Jaisalmer. And the amazingly feisty female guesthouse owner at Hillview Guesthouse in Jodhpur. Ha, there’s no scamming/bothering us when she’s around Mr autorickshaw man!
  10. The food at the Blue House in Jodhpur. And its side helping of free wifi. Whilst I can’t quite understand why these brothers left Nepal for India, I am glad they’re there to offer a bit of small town Nepali friendliness in bigtime India.

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