Things I wish I’d had a camera for

Things I wish I’d had a camera for
  1. The stars in the desert near Jaisalmer. Whilst I did technically have a camera on me, it wasn’t nearly good enough to capture the stars and the Milky Way. For that you need a fancy SLR, hint hint Tim.
  2. Tim cooking Jalebis (a sort of caramelised orange sugar dough) in the temple. Think they were humouring us when we offered to help, as I’m sure we had more fun cooking than we were being useful. Still the Jalebis fed the masses – staff, volunteers, homeless people plus divorced women and their children.
  3. The hundreds of people who took photos of us… we managed to capture a few of them, but it’s only a sample. Believe me.
  4. People firing fireworks right next to other people with no gloves or fire bucket on hand in the temple and on the beach. They even went back to them after they were lit.
  5. Tim’s face after he lost his prescription sunglasses in the sea. Or is that too cruel?!

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