Top cooking tips from Goa

Top cooking tips from Goa

Tim would probably tell you that the number one, golden rule would be don’t let Gemma in the kitchen. Definitely not near the gas. And probably not near any utensils… even the spoons.

But he’s wrong.

I am a culinary wiz… as I’m sure Raj (of Raj’s Cookery School in Palolem) would tell you. In fact you can see just how talented I am in this video.

But before you watch that (or after) how about some top tips.

  1. Chop everything small so it’s practically invisible. Seriously chop it as small as you can, then quarter it. I’m not sure why this is so important, but it does make for a proper Indian curry texture. If you’re short on time blend it. Or do it like they do in Thailand and beat it to a pulp with a pestle and mortar. I’ve not tried either of these options but I’m fairly sure it would have the same effect.
  2. Marinate your veg or paneer (or meat) before you cook it. This is how they make sure every bite is amazing and each dish so varied in Indian cuisine.
  3. Use water when you’re cooking. You’ll need some oil, but a huge part of making a traditional Indian curry is water. The spices and substance are the flavour, the water creates the sauce.
  4. Fry all your spices in some oil before you add any of your main ingredients – even the onions and the garlic. But whatever you do, don’t burn them.
  5. Leave the meat out. You can do so much with a potato in India or a piece of paneer or mushrooms or… you get the picture. If you like to join in with Meat Free Monday, cook an Indian dish. Seriously, you won’t miss the meat.

My number one tip might not be to keep me out of the kitchen, but it is to go to Raj’s Cookery School. He’s there for you every step of the way, so you can’t go wrong. And if you do go wrong, he’ll show you how to fix it. Plus you’ll feel like a culinary wiz at the end of the lesson when you get to eat everything. In fact you’ll feel so good about your new found talent, you want to post your own blog.

Bonne Appetite.

The good, the bad… India from Tim Ewins on Vimeo.

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