Our top 5 moments on Koh Phangan

Our top 5 moments on Koh Phangan

We’ve already told you about the Island itself and why we don’t think it’s worth the trouble. But despite the gangsters, we did manage to have some fun. Here are our favourite moments on the Island:

  1. Our number one favourite moment had to be accidentally managing to meet our friends from the Elephant Nature Park. We’d all arranged to meet at a bar that doesn’t exist and were wandering aimlessly when we heard Chris shout us. He was in a shop with Becca when he saw us. We decided to go to a bar to find some wifi to try and contact the others. It didn’t work but it wasn’t long until Chris spotted Meg and Lizzie wandering past.
  2. Arriving on Bottle beach on Christmas day, late but in time for the last few hours of sunshine. Bliss.
  3. Playing in the turbulent sea. The weather wasn’t great for most of our visit so the sea was pretty rough. But that didn’t stop us wading in to fight the waves.
  4. Crispy quails egg wantons for a Christmas tea starter. Why do we not put eggs in wantons? Why?
  5. Skyping everyone at Christmas and the waiter trying to join in! If only it was possible to get a word in edgeways with my Nephews and Nieces maybe he’d have made some great friends in Teesside!

So Koh Phangang wasn’t all bad. If it weren’t for all the gangs and corruption threatening to ruin my trip, I’d have quite enjoyed it. There were even a few likeable locals kicking around. Like the man who swept the beach each day… not sure what he was hoping to achieve but I appreciated his persistence.

Still, you could enjoy the same elsewhere for less money and less risk… Next stop Koh Tao!

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