Should you book shore excursions independently?


With the ease of organising your preferred shore excursions aboard the liner increasing, why should you go through the rigmarole of booking them independently? Whether you’re aboard the Liberty of the Seas heading Transatlantic, you’re partaking in one of the east or west Caribbean cruises, or you choose a different cruise company altogether, one of the primary highlights of such a vacation is being able to see more of the world via the ports you stop at along the way, making shore excursions particularly important.

When your liner arrives in port, you are free to wander the area for a specified amount of time. Whether you choose to take a stroll, find a bistro or explore further inland is entirely up to you. These trips are known as shore excursions and if you want the help of a guide, or take part in a specific activity, it’s likely that it needs to be booked.

It is up to you whether you opt to book the shore excursion independently or through your cruise provider. If you know the area, having been there before, or you’re comfortable with surfing the Web, this may be the better option. However, if you’re new to the area or not exactly tech-savvy, booking it through your cruise operator may be more advisable.

Booking through the cruise line ensures that not only is the booking process convenient, but you can also be safe in the knowledge that they are reputable tours and excursions that you can rely on. Booking via the cruise operator also means they know where you are, so won’t leave the port if something unforeseen should happen.

Independent shore excursions can work out to be cheaper and, if you know the provider has a good reputation, then so be it. If you’re at all in doubt, book through the cruise operator – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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