The ultimate Inca Trail packing list for the rainy season

The ultimate Inca Trail packing list for the rainy season

As you know I like lists, sometimes I write them just for fun. This one, though, is one of the useful ones.

The ultimate multi-sex list:

Day bag

Quick dry shorts/trousers/zip offs for the hike

Warm trousers for the campsite in the evenings


2x tops for the trek – I wore long sleeves but short sleeves are fine

One fleece

One hoody to sleep in/use as a pillow

Top for the campsite/last day at Picchu


Strong rain poncho (no need for jacket, poncho works better as it covers more of you up including your daypack)

3x day socks

1x thermal socks for the campsite


Camera (plus spare batteries if possible, no electricity at camp)

Baby wipes (essential)

Hand sanitiser (essential)

Sun cream (essential… We had factor 40 and still burnt, it’s the altitude see…)

Sun hat (protect that scalp)

Sun glasses (not only for eye protection but also to help you fake looking good at Machu Picchu when you’re a sorry, dirty, burnt mess!)

Lip balm with SPF protection – and that goes for the boys too!

Walking shoes, preferably good ones that fit properly (mine were cheap and a size too big, they were not always helpful on slippery gravel paths and muddy cliff edges as my feet were sliding in one direction and my shoes in another!)

Carrier bags for wet socks and dirty clothes

Coca sweets (you can buy a bag in Cusco before you set off for about 5 solice. People swear by them, I had them but didn’t think they were ‘owt special’ as the northerner in me would say

Chocolate – I didn’t have any but a sensible English boy on our trip did and I was soooo jealous

Nuts or something similar – we got snack packs every morning but you might want something extra in the afternoon on the second day as it’s long!

500mls of water for the first morning (they provide water at lunch and thereafter, but you need your own bottle for them to fill!)

Toothbrush and paste

Toilet paper and strong thighs for the squat toilets

Swim suit and towel if you fancy the hot springs (we were so tired and dirty by the time we got to civilisation that we didn’t fancy it)

That is all you need. You will notice an absence of shower things, that’s for a reason. Once you see the shower blocks you’ll understand.

You might also want an iPod, to listen to at night or to distract you from the cliff faces you are expected to stroll up.

Oh and don’t worry, you don’t have to carry the whole lot. We hired an extra porter between the two of us to lighten our load.

Winay wiyna amigos.

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