Getting lost in Copacabana

Getting lost in Copacabana

For those of you who’ve been to Copacabana, the title of this post will be unbelievable. It’s a tiny town set beside Lake Titicaca that’s filled with restaurants and busses. It’s quaint.

But somehow we managed to get lost… or rather we managed to lose a restaurant.

The first day we ate on the lake front – a nice set menu with soup, trout and rice for mains and a desert. It was good but it didn’t stand out to us and we wanted to try something a little spicier. So we hopped online to trip advisor and searched for the best restaurant Copacabana had to offer.

The answer, or at least the answer with the most spice, was a Mexican restaurant called Nimbo Cafe.

It doesn’t exist.

At least we couldn’t find it.

And it was on the same road as our hostel.

In fact nothing in Copacabana was where we expected it to be.

I’m not sure if we were just tired and not really on the ball, or if there is some kind of mapping error with that bonny lakeside town. Either way, it was boggling.

Not deterred, we decided to look for our backup restaurant but to no avail. We searched high and low and couldn’t find that either.

Still it wasn’t the end of the world, Copacabana is small enough to wander around. And you might just come across something special without even trying. It’s a nice town to walk around, laid back and full of touristy gift shops.

It was delightful. Or delightfully boggling. We followed the map for an hour before giving up for good. And, until you start heading out of town, it seemed like a safe and enjoyable town to wander around. In fact, there’s only one thing I’d say to avoid in Copacabana…  tomato based pasta dishes. In fact I’d say avoid them throughout Bolivia. It’s not that I’ve tried them all, I learnt my lesson the first time, but I heard the same advice from other travellers so I’m fairly certain the same watery red sauce is served throughout.

So take a tip from me, ditch the maps and the trip advisor reviews and explore Copacabana yourself.

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