Eating Bolivia and Chile

Eating Bolivia and Chile

The amount of times I’ve watched ‘I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here’ I tell you. Twice, I think. And boy what times I had! Celebrities climbing over things, jumping out of planes and sleeping in a jungle. And everytime I watched someone complain I got frustrated! I would love to climb over things, jump out of planes and sleep in the jungle!

But then I’d watch them eat witchedygrubs. And then I’d find myself less jealous…

We’ve climbed over things and jumped out of planes before. We’ve also slept in a jungle before, but we wanted to do it one more time. This time in the amazon, the mother of all jungles! But you’ve already read about that in a previous blog…

The night before we ventured deeper into the Amazon, we were sitting with our evening meals which we’d just watched come out from a small shack kitchen in Rurrenbaque. As most food does in Bloivia it was accompanied by a huge pile of chips, and chips call for condiments! Let’s see, what have we got? Tomato sauce, mayo, vinegar, whitchedygrubs, pepper, salt….

Hang on, what?

Whitchedygrubs? Best get the camera then… Because if it’s good enough for ITV it’s good enough for ‘Tim and Gemma’s video blog’!

Eating Boliva and Chile from Tim Ewins on Vimeo.

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