I dreamt of India again last night…

I dreamt of India again last night…

For anyone who has read our blog from the beginning, this title could either mean I’m having nightmares, or I’ve gone mental. It probably also means I’m reading the novel, Rebecca.

It’s neither. And I’m not. I’m reading a much less cultured book, and a magazine.

You see, both of us found India a fascinating country. The culture was diverse and from another world to our own, the religion was strong, powerful and seemed to control the country with much more authority than the government ever could, and the dancing was awesome! But we did have issues with men brushing up against and trying to steal Gemma, there were very few women in the streets due to particular beliefs and bins simply weren’t used, turning parts of an otherwise beautiful country into something of a local tip.

When we left India we didn’t think we’d ever be going back. India didn’t feel as colourful as we’d expected, many aspects of the culture worried us and in all honesty, we didn’t feel welcome in some places at all, especially Gemma. But hey, we’ve been through this in earlier posts (see Travelling with a whitey in India, Was it me? and Seeing the Invisible)

So why do I keep dreaming of India?

In my dream we’re back, either at the border closing ceremony in Amritsar, or in a non-specific Indian street which looks a bit like Delhi or Agra. The dream always has a boy dancing with his wrists in that super cool way that Indian people do, often there is paint being thrown around and in every dream it’s really REALLY busy. It’s dusty, there are cows walking around the street looking malnourished and lost and everyone is wearing ceremonious colourful clothing. I can smell incense, it’s chaotic and normally someone is singing a prayer. But most importantly, the thing that stands out more than anything, is that when I wake up from my dream I realise that I want to go back.

The dream isn’t unrealistic – it’s a fair interpretation of India. But it leaves out the bad bits and I only see the good. The friendliness of the Sikh temple, the excitement of Holi, that AWESOME DANCING (you can probably tell by now how much I like that dance).

This morning I told Gemma about my dreams. She’s been having them too. She wants to go back to India. Somehow, it’s captivated us.

I stand by everything I’ve ever written about India in our blogs. But, and I never thought I’d say this, I guess one day we’ll be going back.

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  1. Did India have a profound impact on the way you see the world and yourselves? Is it so strange that your mind is still trying to wrap it’s understanding around everything you experienced there? And lastly, is it a bad thing that you will go back to India prepared for everything you didn’t love, and be able to get past that to fully enjoy and love all the good things that India has to offer?

    • I wouldn’t say India had a hugely profound impact on my life but it was the most vastly different place I’ve ever visited compared to my life. I loved the country for so many reasons, I just found it a bit upsetting how my partner wasn’t very welcome, and clearly judged and looked down on in most of the cities we visited (as a western girl – respectfully dressed and all)

      However, if we go back we would be aware of this, and prepared, and I know we’d love all the great stuff the country has to offer, just like we did the first time! I look forward to going back one day, and would love to venture into the far North (having not gone any further north than Chandigarh last time)!!

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