The return…

The return…

Last time I got back from travelling, I felt completely shell shocked. I couldn’t settle and everything that had once seemed so much fun (sharing a flat in Nottingham) was no longer right. But I don’t think this was down to having ‘caught the bug’. Well not completely anyway.

I’d never wanted to be in Nottingham, not because it’s not a great city – it is well worth a visit if you’re in the region. And going back there, just made me realise how much I wanted to do and how little I wanted to settle down – at least not there anyway.

People often talk about the feelings when you return – a sense of being lost, flightiness, a desire for more. And I identified with them because I knew what it felt like. But this time, things are different.

I was completely happy living with Tim in London before we set off. And whilst, had we not embarked on our massive adventure, I might have begun to feel differently – I felt completely grounded. Tired (London is very busy), but grounded. And coming back has felt every bit as good.

London is an exciting place to be. It’s the home of the queen, theatre and the arts. It’s a cultural melting pot and with that comes all kinds of festivals and events. Whether you want an inner city, in-side beach or a market filled with imaginative crafts – London has it. From trendy Shoreditch, to rocked-out Camden; from seaside-town-esque Greenwich to the busy west end; from china town to Brick Lane there is something for everyone.

Only the other night we frequented a bar that has built an entire menu based around that one key ingredient, garlic – and I’m not just talking about the food either, they have garlic shots too. Lucky they settled on the name Garlic and Shots then.

Whether you want to pick up a new skill – we’re about to start another course of Spanish lessons – or experience a vibrant nightlife long into the night. London can help you. And if you’d rather sit back and watch everyone else being busy, you can do that too.

There is never a dull moment here. Never a time to sit and wonder where it all went wrong – wonder why only a few month’s ago you were sipping cocktails from a coconut and looking at things you only thought existed in the movies. Whilst I do on occasion (mainly when it’s raining) wish I was somewhere exotic, I am usually busy trying to work out when I can sit and watch my programmes.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, ending a big adventure is easy – assuming you’ve got what you need right back at home. If you were restless before, you’ll be restless again, travelling is not a cure. On the other hand, if you’ve got a life you love, it’ll still be there when you get back – so there’s no excuse to sit back and jealously wonder at all those travellers.

Get up and go. Life’s too short for sitting and wondering.

Happy travels


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  1. A very inspiring post indeed! What I love about London is how you can feel like you’re in so many different places at once, like Brick Lane and Camden could well be in different cities entirely! It is certainly a place for adventure.

    • Thanks! (from Gemma who wrote it), yeah we’ve lived here for a few years and we still go ‘travelling’ at the weekends to various London places!

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