Surviving Glastonbury Festival – the checklist

Surviving Glastonbury Festival – the checklist

We’ve just returned from the World’s greatest festival – Glastonbury. Festival goers have been gracing Michael Eavis’ fields since 1981 and each year it gets bigger and better. But you are almost guaranteed to be bombarded with various weather conditions.

Here’s my top tips for surviving the festival:

  1. Take a poncho – they cover more of you than a rain jacket.
  2. Sun cream and sun hat – whilst you are guaranteed rain, you can count on the sun coming out at some point and when it does, you need to be prepared because there is no escaping it.
  3. Take a fleece – sometimes it gets cold very quickly so it’s good to have something extra warm that can easily be packed into your day pack the rest of the time.
  4. Wellies – it will rain. And when it does it gets muddy very quickly, very muddy indeed. If you can find some with exceptional grip they would also be useful as thefields are quite hilly and they get very slippy indeed.
  5. Trainers – the ground dries almost as quickly as it gets muddy – and when the sun’s out you don’t want sweaty ankles.
  6. Shorts – for girls, they work for all weather – team them with tights or leggings in the cold or bare those legs come shine.
  7. A dress – (optional for boys.) These are great if the weather’s a bit iffy as you can easily get tights or leggings on underneath without having to retreat/spend more time than is necessary in a portaloo.
  8. A special battery charger. The phone charge tents are pointless, take a portable battery and save yourself the time and hassle of sitting in a tent for hours. We have a good one by EasyAcc that cost about £20 and charges almost anything.
  9. An airbed – this might sound like a luxury, but I firmly believe it’s a necessity. The ground gets very cold at night and no amount of foam mats are going to save you from the hypothermia… in my humble opinion anyway. Apparently lilos work quite well too!
  10. A trolley – you will walk for about half an hour from the car park to the campsites. Save your back and take a trolley… unless the weather is already rubbish, then you’ll struggle to drag the wheels through the mud.
  11. Capri suns – I don’t think I need to mention booze on this list. Let’s face it, booze is at the top of most lists. But Capri sun is great for the morning. It’s light and easy to pack owing to the funny foil packets and it’s nicely refreshing after a big night.

So there you have it. Obviously this list is not exhaustive, but I’ve tried to cover the little things that get left behind.


Gemma x

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