Welcome to Same, Same But Different.

You’ve clicked on this page which means you’d like to know a little bit more about us, but not enough to click on our individual pages. Good choice, you’re friendly but not intrusive. We’re going to get along just fine!

We’d like to say we’re writing this travel blog mainly to help other travellers but who are we kidding right!? It’s so that when we’re old we can sit in our rocking chairs, sip our tea, read Same, same and remember everything we’ve done. Saying that, it’s our blog and we’ll write what we like…

We ARE writing this travel blog mainly to help other travellers! Actually.

We’ve called the blog Same, Same But Different because it’s our favourite Thai phrase. You hear it when you buy raybannns or Kalvin Kliens, you hear it from tuk tuk drivers, you even hear it when trying to buy condoms…

…And if you only take heed of one thing on this page it should be this – DO NOT BUY THESE CONDOMS! Condoms should only ever be same same. Never different.

We’ll be helping out at a couple of charities along the way as well. We’re such great people!

Now go and read our individual about us pages you nosey blighter!

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