Geminiecricket is an affectionate name, coined by my best friend and ex- travel partner’s mum.

I also get called Jim (thanks, baby sis).

I am known more widely as Gemma.

Five facts about me

  1. I have a diagnosed phobia of needles (travel jabs were fun:-s)
  2. I once sang jingles on York Minster Radio
  3. I (and Tim) lived in the same house as James Mcavoy* and Jesse Spencer**… but not at the same time. And we had a chat about it with them in Covent Garden, as you do.
  4. I am 5’ 1” and a QUARTER!
  5. One of my favourite foods is a cheese and jam sandwich

Tim said WHAT about me…

Five things Tim says about me

  1. I haven’t got an attention span – this is not true, I once sat through a Lord of the Rings film. If that doesn’t prove a steely determinism and the ability to sit still, I don’t know what does. It’s not my fault his conversation does not keep me from wandering.
  2. I am demanding – fair point, I do require an inordinate amount of hugs in any given day. Free hugs (the kind you get from festival goers and crazy people) count towards the quota.
  3. I do get sad – I beg to differ, I’ve just been chopping onions.
  4. I can cook – well that might be so***, but I don’t want to. Hmph!
  5. I love lists – well that’s just good sense! Where would we be without the list!? I refuse to accept this as a ‘thing’ because who doesn’t love lists, right?

* James Mcavoy of Shameless fame… or that film with Angelina Jolie if you’re American.
** Jesse Spencer aka Billy off of Neighbours, or Chase out of House, depending on where your preferences lie… Neighbours ahem.
*** as long as it involves tinned tomatoes.

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