I’ve just spent the last 10 minutes writing about how big my man parts are, and now Gemma tells me that’s not appropriate for the ‘about Tim’ page. Well thanks Gemma, that’s 10 minutes I’ll never get back.

Teabagg is my rap name, given to me by my rapping partner B-ball. Sadly, we have never rapped together. Nor have we rapped individually. But my oh my, do we love to make up names…

Five facts about me

  1. I once painted on canvas and sold the final piece on eBay. I am therefore a paid artist! The piece sold for £2. The postage was £2.36.
  2. One of my eyes looks the wrong way when I’m tired. If you see me and my right eye is wandering, put me to bed for a nap.
  3. I am 6’ which makes me about the height that women specify when discussing their dream man.
  4. When I was 6, Newcastle United footballer Darren Peacock gave me a signed photo of himself. I couldn’t work out why so I gave him a signed photo of me in return. I’d like to think he still has it.
  5. I am a stand up comedian, that’s who I am and what I do!

Really should have taken those diarrhea tablets

Five things Gemma says about me

  1. I fail at man tasks. She’s basing this on the time I tried to mend a glass but accidentally super glued it to the table.
  2. I am strict. I beg to difer, some things just need to be done and hugs can wait?!
  3. I have no fear. That’s my way of putting it. What Gemma actually says is I have no social boundaries. Same thing really.
  4. I can’t clean. What I ask is this – why would I want to clean?
  5. I have huge man parts… Ok she didn’t say that, but I know what she’s thinking.

Thank you for looking at my about me page by the way. I really appreciate it, although, I feel rude talking about myself so much… Please feel free to email me a bit about you!

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