There’s tons to do before you set off on a world wide adventure. To make it easier, we made lists. To do lists. To pack lists. To do before you can do to do lists. Hey, that’s really fun to say out loud!

The next few pages are our most important lists. Use them. Like them. Do what you will with them. They’re here to help.

Top 5 things that didn’t make it on the final lists:

  1. Make a dramatic exit – either from work, or a family dinner.
  2. Find TEFL jobs or freelance work… oops.
  3. Get a haircut – that’s a necessity, must add that on.
  4. Sell all our things on eBay and make some extra cash – yeah, well… charity shops are better anyway.
  5. Wean ourselves off meat and coffee… it’s going to be a tough few months when we get there.

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