There’s nothing like a to do list (if you’re Gemma). And here’s ours…

First things first

Decide where to go

Book flights

Book volunteer projects

It’s all in the detail
Think about budget (realise we should probably have thought about this before we booked it)

Travel DRs appt

Order passport

Sort out driving license (so it doesn’t expire mid trip)

Buy netbook

Buy ipad

Give landlady notice

Create spreadsheet with intended route, important information (contact details, insurance details, passport information) on it to leave with family and friends

Packing lists

Buy backpacks

Book first night’s accommodation

Sort out bank that doesn’t charge for withdrawals/figure out what’s so great about the STA cards (they are better than a regular bank card, but only just)


Tim gig (so that he remembers his stand up set when he gets back)

Tell bank where we’re going (there’s nothing worse than getting cut off mid trip and having to convince the bank you’re not a fraudster)

Arrange goodbye tour of the UK (family and friends just can’t get rid of us)

Sign up to FCO things?

Look up which visas we need (then panic that we haven’t done it sooner)

Create blog

Hand in notice at work (Freedom!!!)



Packing practise

Copy Passports/flight details/insurance and scan a copy to save online

Cancel direct debits

Change money

The last minute

Move house stuff


Put car up for sale/scrap it/give it away

Inca trail

Music on phone/iPod/iPad

Get on plane (not sure this needs to be on a list…)

Plan how much we need to have left at the end of each country/daily budgets/weekly budgets (we’ve already made a trip budget, we just need to make sure we break it down to make it easier to manage)

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